Tuesday, February 28, 2012

on getting tough with God

Have ya ever wondered where God is when you Really need Him?

Ever get Really mad and say - Where is God in this time of My Great Need?

If you have ever found yourself in that position - like I did a couple  of days
ago - just come right out and say it.

I said to my daughter - I Believe that God could help me with this - but where is He?

And you can be sure that I was plenty Mad when I said it Folks.

Well and ya wanna know what happened shortly after we hung up?


You see - He's always there - but it's just that He gets a little busy at times - what
with the population of this Really Great Planet of ours topping out at around 7 bil.

So Ya Just Have To Speak Up And Make Yourself Heard - and he'll always be there for you.

Now don't expect Him to solve the Problem for you - because he wants you to figure
that out on your own - He's smart like that.

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