Tuesday, February 28, 2012

on getting tough with God

Have ya ever wondered where God is when you Really need Him?

Ever get Really mad and say - Where is God in this time of My Great Need?

If you have ever found yourself in that position - like I did a couple  of days
ago - just come right out and say it.

I said to my daughter - I Believe that God could help me with this - but where is He?

And you can be sure that I was plenty Mad when I said it Folks.

Well and ya wanna know what happened shortly after we hung up?


You see - He's always there - but it's just that He gets a little busy at times - what
with the population of this Really Great Planet of ours topping out at around 7 bil.

So Ya Just Have To Speak Up And Make Yourself Heard - and he'll always be there for you.

Now don't expect Him to solve the Problem for you - because he wants you to figure
that out on your own - He's smart like that.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

what constitues a religion - anyway?

My Webster's New World Dictionary (paperback) - revised and updated - 2003 -
says this about Religion:

1.  belief in or worship of God (or gods)

2.   a specific system of belief, worship, etc., often involving a code of ethics

Now some People (and you know who you are) have been really making
Bill Maher mad by claiming that Atheism is in fact a Religion - the very
thing that Bill is going around dissing.

According to Webster - at least in definition no. 1 - Religion means that you have
to Worship God or gods.  Here let us confine ourselves to God with a capital G.

So by that defintion - Atheism would NOT be a Religion - since Bill and his Athiest
friends clearly state that they do not even Believe in God - although I heard Bill say
right on his show that even Richard Dawkins leaves a small margin of error - just
in case they are wrong.  I mean nobody wants to knock at the Pearly Gates and then
have St. Peter say, 'Sorry *ssh*h*le.  You were not a Believer.  Enjoy Hell.'

At this point I would like to say to Bill Maher that I am on a first name basis with
God and will put in a good word for him - but he really ought to watch himself
in the future.

Now - this is where it gets REALLY interesting.

Some say that Scientology is NOT a Religion. 

But does not the second defintion say that:

'Religion can be a specific system of beliefs and involving
a code of Ethics.'

Now I'm not a Scientologist - I'm a Christian - they got me when I was a kid -
but excuse me folks I've read that Scientology does fit into this second category.

What's the bottom line here?

Let's stop obsessing already about what each other believes and concentrate on
my Divorce - anyone have $1500 for the Retainer 's Fee?

Because I 'm in Love with Bill Maher - and I want out of the Loveless situation I'm in.